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A Prophet Charges at Lions And Lives to Tell

A South African prophet escaped death by a whisker on Saturday after he marched towards a lion pride at the Kruger national park. Prophet Alec Ndiwane, a member of the Zion Christian church in Pretoria Soshanguve, is said to have fallen into a trance and started speaking in tongues. His fellow church members say that Alec, while in the trance state, opened the door of the car they were in and charged towards a pride of lions that were feasting on an impala ahead of them.
The lions noticed the charging prophet and stopped feasting on their kill. It didn’t take long before the lions realized it was a bluff by a human who didn’t know what he was doing. Within seconds, they charged towards Alec with all their might. It is then that Alec came out of his trance and realized that it was time to bolt back. But before he could get back on board the car, one of the lions had reached him and ripped its paw into his bum, causing serious injuries on his behind.
By God’s grace, or sheer luck, game rangers who happened to be nearby came to his rescue and fired shots in the air, dispersing the pride. The prophet was rushed to a hospital and underwent a surgery which left him with only one side of his behinds.
When interviewed, Alec said that he was not aware of what made him charge towards the lion pride.
“I thought God was using me to manifest his Glory,” – He said.
Confronting lions when having a meal is courting death. A few animals dare make such an attempt. But humans too are known for charging lions and snatching their kill. Here is a clip of Dorobo warriors captured in a BBC documentary (Human Planet) charging after a lion pride and stealing the kill successfully.

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As for Alec, he should know that we are no longer living in biblical times, neither is he a Dorobo warrior to pull off such a stunt.

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