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Prison Break Is Back!!!!

You will rekindle your relationship with your remote soon because, PRISON BREAK IS BACK! Yep!, the most handsome man to have ever lived, Wentworth Miller will be back on your screens soon. The filming of these new episodes start on April 2016 with episode counts ranging between 8 and 10 episodes, although this number still needs to be determined.

Prison Break Returns
Picture courtesy of FOX

The two main characters Miller and Purcell are working in other series and their availability still needs to be discussed by FOX Chairman/CEO, Gary Newman and Warner Bros who the pair is still working with. One thing’s for sure, Miller who seemed to ‘die’ during the final series will be on this new series because Paul Scheuring brought new ideas that will explain how Miller didn’t die after all. So, get your popcorns ready because the game is about to begin…

Yaaaay, our eye candy Michael Scofield is back!!!

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