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Should We Plan Life

Life! Really what is life?
Ask that to a congregation and you will get all sorts of descriptions…”life is transcendent, a journey, a gift from God, humanity,etc. But depending on who you are, you have your own definition of life.
Back to the question, should we really plan life?

As much as we should plan our lives, I always argue that we should live life as it is.
Am not saying planning is bad, but what’s the point of planning, if we don’t stick to those plans or when those plans come crumbling down around you(ouch).
Life’s full of adventure and mystery. Explore it, solve it… but don’t plan(figuratively)it. Live life.
In planning, at some point we need to adjust or cancel things. All this is in life so we just live in expectations. Anything can come up from any angle.
I really despite expectations. I mean, you set certain expectations and those expectations don’t occur. What happens next? You go into a state of depression, anger, sadness, among other self inflicted feelings.
Approach life humbly, consult the wise, respect the unexpected, live the moment and remember, what people think of you is none of your business.
Set short, achievable goals. Trust me(5 years from now you’ll have a flashback of this article) you will be far off compared to people with longterm(impossible) goals.
Like I said, life’s a mystery, solve it.
We should remain humble and stay focused so we can remain positive and see ahead. And upon solving the mystery we need God(or whatever supreme being you worship) a lot. He has the whole world in his hands, we are but just mere creatures to Him. He always leads us to the right path and He is there any time to listen to us…

In the end, it’s all about you. So do you and live life as you want.

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