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Feel like your life is one hell of a boring novel? It is time to re-write it, now!

We all have that one time in our lifetime when we feel like we have been stuck in the same place for a long time. We feel like we want to run away from ourselves; truth be told, you can run from everyone else but not from yourself. You use the same route to and from work, sometimes you find yourself in the same PSV for two to three days in a row; the same routine day in day out. Well, it’s time to ditch all that, time for something new in 2016;

Plan on going for adrenaline rushing activities

I have been planning on bungee jumping for the longest time possible, my birthday came and I didn’t go for one. Its still on my bucket list; even if it’s the last thing I do, I will do it one day. Skydiving might cost you an arm and a leg but if you have the means, go for it. You can also do night running, ha ha ha! Its adrenaline rushing, right? I mean the thought of scaring the daylights outta a soul is exhilarating, the thrill that someone might catch you stark naked is also adrenaline rushing. Make love on the beach during sunset, it should be fun, right? Add anything else that makes your blood rush.

Take two holidays in a year

I can see you already giving me that look of, I don’t even have enough to get me that red pair of heels. Well, it all needs lots and lots of sacrificing. You actually don’t need to board three planes and two trains to get to your holiday destination. You just need to get yourself the cheapest holiday that you can get your hands. You don’t have to go for holiday when everyone else is taking their holiday because you will pay an arm and a leg. You can take one during your birthday month and one more any other weekend when there are no holidays.

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Travel to at least 25 foreign countries

I know this is a pipe dream but it is alright to dream, right? Well, you can visit your neighboring counties/countries and as I said, you don’t have to take 10 flights. Just visit your neighboring counties and you will have experienced a different environment, different cultures, different people and take as many souvenirs as your bag or car can accommodate. Oooh, and take as many pictures as you can; you will need them one day when you need to tell your grandchildren what a traveler you were. Again, make sure you have hard copies of the same just in case; this technology tries to pull a first one on you.

Have a one night stand

I mean we only live once, so we might as well make the best outta life. Anyway, I didn’t mean do one night stands as per se, what I mean is, just do something crazy just for the heck of it. You know what you consider crazy, we all have different definitions of crazy…So, go for it and get the gratification that comes with it.

Snog a stranger

Just walk around in the park or wherever and hug a stranger. Yes, hug one and if they are kissable, plant a kiss on their lips, cheeks or forehead depending on their height and their faces. If they are mean looking, don’t even start but if they are all sweet and cute, go for it. If they smell good, make sure you tell them they smell good, if they allow you to hug them. The thing is, this is outrageous I know and trying might hurt, but go for it. Just go up to a stranger seated somewhere in Uhuru Park or those seats on the other side of town and strike up a conversation with someone you fancy, you never know what it may lead to. You might end up giving an ear to someone who really needed someone to talk to.

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Learn a new language

Yes, learn a new language and make sure you get a new buddy to practice your new language with. It doesn’t make sense if you learn the language and you got no one to talk to or with. You don’t have to learn Spanish, Italiano or even German, you can learn Mandarin, that language in the ‘gods must be crazy movie’, I guess it’s called Xhosa.. Nigerian language is overrated; just get something exotic to learn


Babysit your neighbor’s children even if you don’t have yours. You can charge them or you can do it for free; whatever tickles your fancy

Do karaoke

If you are shy like yours truly, then this will be a real challenge. You get a little tipsy; its always a confidence booster and then ask for your favorite jam, you will be good to go.

Don’t worry about money but don’t sit around waiting for it to come. Do something but don’t overdo it lest you miss out on the fun. Lastly, you should work to live and never live to work.



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