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Did Mwanaidi Shishi Get Intimate With Ferre Gola? The Truth

While remains to be an important shareable website in Kenya, truth be told, the site has lost all its glory. From fighting boredom and promoting stardom all the way down to creating rumors and speculation. Accusations have arisen in the public domain about the credibility of stories published by Ghafla with some local artists, socialites and celebrities seeing the site as a character assassination mechanism which undermines their professional careers.

From quoting non-existent sources to posting stories from Facebook groups , Ghafla seems to be picking and running with anything and everything just to get traffic streaming to their site. Their next victim in line this time round has been Mwanaidi Shishi. According to rumors from Ghafla, Mwanaidi was the bed-mate of Ferre Gola when he was in Nairobi for a concert this week. How true is this?

Post on Ghafla’s Website

For those who don’t know Mwanaidi Shishi, she is a Nairobian socialite who has featured in a couple of music videos and a fashion enthusiast who loves everything fashion. Apart from being a socialite, Mwanaidi is a mother to a son and a wife.

The way Ghafla created the rumor about Mwanaidi being Ferre Gola’s bed-mate during his stay in Nairobi might have got people clicking the website’s links posted everywhere with great determination to see who is Shishi. But at the same time, this amounts to character assassination which undermines the true Shishi that her local community knows.

What Ghafla reported to be a “cozy time” between the two was actually a video shoot for Ferre Gola’s new song. Behind the screen were Victoria Kimani and the camera crew.

Victoria Kimani & Mwanaidi taking selfies during the video shoot

Ghafla should be ashamed of their gutter-press style of reporting and adapt to reporting on real issues. Such reporting can end families. If not careful, some of posts on Ghafla’s website might land them in court soon.

Mwanaidi’s Reaction to Posts by Ghafla!

Mwanaidi’s story is just among hundreds of many more that reflect the rot of Ghafla!

Stay tuned for an xclusive interview from Mwanaidi Shishi.

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